CES 2018: What to expect from the big tech show

Some of the big names in technology to come up with their latest innovations at Las Vegas in the largest tech show CES 2018; Sony, Samsung, Lenovo, LG, Intel Qualcomm and many more.

CES, formerly known as Consumer Electronic Show is one of the most prominent gatherings of the consumer technology from all over the world. This forum has been a platform for the innovators of technology from past 50 years. The show is owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) that attracts the pioneering thinkers and the world’s top business leaders.

The tech show, held in Las Vegas, Nevada will start early next week with companies around the world revealing their latest innovative gadgets to come up on the market in the coming months. The CES, a trendsetter of the tech show will be no different from what it has been in the past years. All it is expected to have is better and better tech gadgets up for launch. Right from smart home appliances, smart speakers, new TVs, laptops, driverless cars, robots, wearables and smartphones, the show gives the known as well as the lesser-knowns a platform to reveal their upcoming launches. Some of the most prominent tech companies being a part of this programme would be Samsung, Sony, Intel, LG, Qualcomm, etc. Here’s what one can expect from the CES 2018:


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Samsung, a popular South Korean company, is ready to talk about its new launches this year. It has in fact already announced its launch of the Galaxy A series, Galaxy A8 and A8+ that they will showcase for the first time in the conference of CES 2018. Other than it’s a series of smartphones, it has also announced its launch of a trio of new Windows 10 laptops that includes Notebook 7 Spin 2018 edition. It is an incredible 2 in 1 convertible Windows 10 laptop with Active Pen support for its display.

It further has three new gadgets currently under its C-Lab projects, i.e., the S-Ray, a directional speaker, GoBreath, a recovery gadget for people with lung damage and Relumino, the small glasses for people with vision challenges.

The Samsung new launches do not end here for the year. It has a Thunderbolt 2 QLED curved monitor, launching in 2018. Samsung has announced the launch of its latest mobile processor Exynos 9 Series 9810. The conference is likely to host more than just the new launches of home appliances and televisions. Samsung is also expected to release its teaser for Galaxy S9 in the conference though it will officially launch its flagship at MWC 2018 scheduled to be held in late February. Last but not the least, it will also formally announce the launch of its commercially available Galaxy X, a flexible display smartphone.



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Sony like every year has a huge number of products to launch at CES 2018. However, the company hasn’t unveiled what products it is going to launch in the market. However, it is expected to speak up about its new series of OLED TVs, next-gen mirrorless cameras, premium headphones and various other products. It is also expected to launch its most awaited bezel-less smartphones at the conference. If not, then the same will inevitably take place at MWC next month in Barcelona.


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LG, on the other hand, is may put up its 8K OLED TV, ThinQ OLED and its Super UHD TV at the conference. Thanking the Google Assistant, it says that these series will practice Artificial Intelligence to interact with their users. Apart from these, it plans to launch its new Raspberry Rose V30 smartphone, equipped with a 150 inch 4K projector supporting ThinQ, a smart speaker powered by Google assistant and HDR10. Further, there is a strong expectation of the release of K series smartphones and the G7 flagship smartphone. However, these are still rumours and not yet confirm.



Intel has been the most prominent player in the market from the last decade after it ever announced that the design flaw in the processors of millions of Window PCs and Macs. Not affecting the controversy, the company will launch its new Kaky Lake G. The model holds the Intel 8th gen CPU with a custom built AMD Radeon GPU. Intel has already spoken about its collaboration with AMD in the last November. The chipset shall be lighted, thinner and powerful making premium laptops. Dell and HP are some of the top brands that are expected to announce their laptops with this processor.


Qualcomm shall launch its 5G next-gen wireless networks at CES 2018. It isn’t expected to have the first gen 5G smartphones designed this year. Yet, Qualcomm will surely speak about the benefits of opting 5G in 2018. Naturally, 5G shall be faster than 4G LTE. AT & T proclaimed the launch of its 5G smartphones in 2018 in the US. Moreover, Verizon, a significant wireless carrier may also launch its 5G network later in 2018 in the US. Qualcomm is likely to discuss the benefits of PCs holding Windows 10 with Snapdragon chips.

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