Tough Decisions? Here’s what you should do!

Life gives us different roads and directions to lead. All it expects us to do is choose one over the other, prioritising, comprehending, the pros and cons it yields. We often become indecisive when we fail to recognise what would be the correct choice. With the lack of a gut feeling and letting others influence our decisions, we generally end up choosing the wrong path. It is important to have the confidence to move up with that gut feeling and strength to support whatever you want. One should probe the pros and cons for each of them and most importantly listen to the heart for what it aspires. Decision making is an important skill to inculcate if you want to move forward and higher in life.

Why decision making is so tough

There are hundreds of trivial decisions we make every day. Right from getting up in the morning to the time we sleep, every activity we do involves decision making. Something that complicates decision making at times is the external factors. These factors make decision making terrible:

  • We tend to overthink and complicate our own choices.
  • The absence of a gut feeling for we lack in confidence and the ability to take risks.
  • We spend a lot of time in a single thought. There is no deadline maintained to our decisions.
  • We do not want to compromise. One has to understand that not everything in life can be achieved. There is always something you have to let go to gain the other.
  • Lastly, it is the fear that makes our decisions tough. If we do not make wrong decisions, we will never know what is right. The circumstances and situations teach us amazing constituents of life.

Remember, life does not go smoothly. There are always ups and downs one has to tackle. Decision making and its outcomes are a part of it. One should simply gain lessons from the wrong decision rather than having regrets for the same. God has not given any of us the sense to take right decisions from the start. It is our experiences that teach us to make the right choices.

Improving decision-making skills

Different people have given different ideas to make decisions smoothly and more efficiently. Let us find out some of them:

  • 10/10/10 rule

This is an amazing rule invented by Suzy Welch, a business writer. The 10/10/10 rule asserts that we should think about different time frames while making decisions. First, imagine how you will feel about the decision in the next ten minutes from now. Then think how it will be 10 months from now and lastly imagine how you would feel about the settlement 10 years from now. This rules thus helps us give a real perspective of life letting us not regret about the same in future. Thus, 10/10/10 can help one head to the path of a happy future.

  • Accept your fears and face them

We generally fear of the outcome which weakens us from making decisions. We fear that the result would come up with grievances and a lot of regrets. How to face these fears? One has to think of the worst outcome of any situation genuinely. Think about what worst can happen if you take a wrong decision. Then analyse how you will manage yourself in such a situation. Find out how long and hard it would be to get out of the worst circumstance. Once you are ready to face the worst, your decisions can be manageable.

  • Start writing

If options are confusing you in making decisions, start writing the pros and cons of each of the options. This solution works best when we are stuck between two different choices be it personal, official or any even happening in life. Look for which option has more benefits. Also, think which option’s cons you will be able to handle with all the guts. It will surely help you come to a conclusion then.

To come to the best conclusion out of different choices, we might also apply a combination of these factors. Suppose, we analyse the pros and cons of each option and then analyse each of them with the 10/10/10 formula or if we consider the cons that we might have to face, it is about accepting fears and considering the worst situation that might happen. So, you are all ready to make a tough decision now!

We humans have emotions and feelings that change our minds in different circumstances. We sometimes end up making wrong decisions confusing our wants with our likes. If we see something kind of interesting, we like it and want it. But to the end we realise, it was a waste, and we have no interest in the same. For example, if your friends go to the hills for holidays and put up amazing pictures on the social media, it turns out to be so tempting. To the end, the next time when you reach the same place, you start regretting that the same time and amount could be invested in a place you have actually liked rather than the hills. Thus, decision making should be always considering what you really like and not on what you see and want.

Final words

Decision making has become more complicated than what it was before. However, it has a simple solution. One should ponder on following the above steps and always keep 2-3 alternatives behind the decision. Rather than considering what choice others make, it is important to self-actualise yourself. Knowing what you want, will enable you to develop the required gut feeling. Then, let people think you are a fool. What is more important is to realise, you’ve taken the step you have always wanted rather than thinking about what others say.


About Preirna Prachi

Preirna Prachi is a passionate writer. Mad about her dream to be an entrepreneur very soon, she looks forward to raising her own firm. Ever-ready to tap her feet on the floor, she loves partying. She is a table tennis enthusiast. She is a coffee person and loves spending time with her family and friends. You can contact her for writing assignments or Guest blogging through our contact form.


  1. Very positive post and very useful for those who has stuck at a point and can’t move forward because of lack of decision making. Appreciable post.

  2. Not much to say here but to agree with you on this Preirna. Fear is definitely something that keeps most people rooted to the ground. The saddest part is that fear is usually in their heads and completely irrational. Things like “what will others say if I do this?”.

  3. Decision making gets tricky when there is a lack of clarity and that brings in fear. Well summarized, the 10/10/10 rule actually helped me become a blogger 🙂

  4. Really great methods to work on decision making. Especially that 10/10/10 rule…this literally applies that we should not waste time to think about the choices we are not sure. Either we need to plan for it or leave it.

  5. Planning has never been my strong characteristic. So posts like these certainly remind me that I need to pay more attention to it in order to succeed. Thanks for the tips!

  6. I have an anxiety disorder so a lot of the decisions I’ve made in life are difficult. I can’t help that, nor can I change it. It makes me shudder sometimes but I deal with it in the ways I can, y’know? Having different ways to make decisions because of this article is great. Thank you for that!

  7. Thank you for this post. This seems to be such a overlooked topic, but (at least for me) it’s true that decision making has become very hard. Thank you for the tips, I especially like the 10/10/10 rule, which I’ve never thought of.

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