Digital marketing – An introduction

Digital marketing as the name suggests is an online form of performing marketing to promote business, websites, social media pages, and a lot more. Instead of moving around playing marketing tactics in the market, digital marketing is about spending time online and promoting the brand. There are multiple types of assets and tactics used by a business to do the online marketing. Some of the assets are holding a business website, posting blogs, eBooks, social media channels, infographics, online brochures, etc. Tactics used in digital marketing are Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media Optimisation, Email marketing, Content marketing, paid marketing, etc.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Unlike the offline marketing system, digital marketing allows the marketers to get accurate results on time. Suppose you put an advertisement in a newspaper, it is difficult to find out how many people went through your news and then made the decision to purchase your product. However, when you have an ad online, it is easier to find out how many people landed on your page clicking your links and made up your sales.

Secondly, the return on investment is much higher compared to the efforts put in an offline marketing system. The return on investment can be proved to be higher due to multiple reasons. One of them is website traffic. The traffic on your website through internet marketing is at a global level. It is easy to see how many people viewed your website by clicking ads using the digital analytics software. One of the famous software is HubSpot. Secondly, there are a lot of marketing efforts put in; the digital analytics data may show you what brought maximum returns and where one needs improvement.

Moreover, a business can capture market at a global pace only through online marketing. This is because every country holds the availability of internet and is well present on social media websites and other online domains.

Final words

There are various tactics once can use in digital marketing. While these tactics seem to be easy, once you’ve known them, getting effective results is correspondingly hard. If you really want to succeed in performing an organic internet marketing, it is important to strategies your plan, create your goals and make efforts in the right way. It is highly recommended to do a good amount of study of each tactic before getting into its practice. Good day!



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  1. Digital Marketing is very relevant in today’s world and it is important to understand these basics. Thanks for sharing this post!

  2. I never had a gron the topic of Digital marketing. But here you have explained it so well and in an easy manner that I think I was unnecessarily running away from it. Thankd=s for sharing this. I am going to try and apply a few of the concepts in my social media.

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