Improve your Telephonic Interview Skills

Telephonic interviews are one of the popular ways of conducting interviews where the recruiter communicated with the candidate over the phone for the applied job role. It is an essential section of the selection procedure where the interviewer affirms if the candidate should be called for an in-office interview or not. At times, these interviews also work as final calls for job selections. It is primarily conducted to understand your CV, education and your work experience. They being such an important component of your selection process, let us find out how to improve your telephonic interview skills.

How to prepare?

The preparation involves three steps. Plan, research and practice. Since most of the telephonic interviews are pre-placed, it is good to be ready for it beforehand.

  • Plan

Plan your answers to some generally asked or expected questions. Moreover, plan out what you want to ask the interview at the end.

  • Research

It is good to research about the company beforehand. Moreover, research about job role in order to get a fair idea of what skills the interviewer is looking for.

  • Practice

Finally, once you have the matter, know the answers to questions you might be asked, start practising each of them. Practice how you’d talk on the phone. After all, practice makes the man perfect.

How to face the telephonic interview?

  • Get a professional mindset. How do you get that? It might sound weird but yes, get into a pair of good clothes. It gives you a sense of professionalism and makes you feel ready.
  • Sit in a quiet place to ensure you are under no disturbance, and you can hear everything the interviewer says.
  • While answering the questions, smile and answer. This will help you get rid of the pressure and also make you sound good.
  • Also, have a copy of your CV, application form and the cover letter in front of you since it helps you with the keywords when you speak on the call.

Common mistakes to avoid

  • First and foremost, avoid using slang language. Speak like a professional.
  • While you set up your interview call, make sure you book a time when you are free for long. There should be no reason left to panic and finish up the interview fast.
  • While answering the phone, make sure you are all set to take the call. Get ready 5 minutes prior to the call. Make sure no one’s around, and you have a good network on your phone. Moreover, make sure to charge your phone for a few hours before the call starts.
  • Never forget you had an interview scheduled. Apparently, the first impression is the last one. Being punctual is essential.

What can you ask?

You may ask about your training that’ll be held once you join. Moreover, ask the interviewer about the office environment, promotion and growth opportunities in the organisation, about your skill development, work culture, etc.

What not to ask?

Never ask about the salary and other benefits. You will get to know about it in your offer letter.


It is imperative that you give your interview without panicking. Stay relaxed and stay confident. Moreover, be polite while answering the questions and you will make it to your next one!

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