How to Manage Time Efficiently During Boards

Finally, the moment has again arrived where lakhs of students are under immense pressure for their forthcoming boards. Boards being one of the prominent exams to get selected in the best institutions for higher education, every student works hard to get to their dream destination. Students usually look up for tips that can help them lead to perfect utilising of the end period so that there’s nothing that stops you from winning out of your hard work. So, here let us discuss the best tips to follow in the final days of your exams that will lead to the productive use of time during your boards. Let us also contemplate what can get you to studying better in the end!


It is one of the most important factors you should be acknowledging. Though we obviously know health is a big consideration, the important question here mounts is how should health be examined? What are the major steps to take while contemplating health? Read out the following points:

  • Avoid eating junk simply till you are done with your exams.
  • Do not skip meals. Skipping meals causes numerous health problems while our mind is under tremendous pressure. Have a heavy breakfast, a regular lunch, and a light dinner.
  • Healthy breakfast includes having eggs, milk, oats, cornflakes, or anything that isn’t fried. Avoid having parathas as they make you feel lazy.
  • We want to stay awake to study more but still feel sleepy. This is all because of the food you consume. Thus, make sure you do not have anything fried as it roots to laziness.
  • Try eating food within short intervals. Munch something every 3 hours of the day. One can have fruits, sprouts, two biscuits, etc. This lets you feel light and avoids making you overeat during the main course meal. Aforementioned again helps you stay awake. Moreover, you tend to take a break every 3 hours that gives your mind prominently demanded rest.
  • Avoid unnecessary medicines as they can cause dizziness, cramps, etc.

Do not panic

While you are revising the first chapter of the book, you are worried about the last chapter yet to be done. Consequently, while following up one subject, we tend to think about other topics that are still to be covered. We tend to panic this way. Thus, to avoid panicking, the best way to drive your studies excellently is by creating a timetable only for the next day. Do not make a time table for the next 10 days as it will never be followed. Just have a 1-day plan that lets you give time to each of the subjects you have to study.

What is the best way to study in the exam approaching days?

Now that you have studied during the year and probably solved question papers at school, tuitions, etc., it is now time to start answering questions yourself. Solving question papers will let you analyse if you are left with any major topic. Read more about how to ensure you cover up everything before your exams.

Final word

Though boards are very crucial to our career, it is better to take them easy rather than hindering the same with stress. Stress reduces your productivity. It is good to work hard, but it is equally important to understand that hard work done with pressure leads to negative results. Follow the above points considering health, utilising time to cover up all the subjects and find out how to make sure you have covered up everything before boards. So, stay stress-free to make the most out of the time left while exams are approaching! All the best!

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