New Year Wishes, Quotes and Messages – 2018!

It’s good to start this new year with reading some beautiful quotes and wish our family and friends. In this busy world, greetings have been the best ways to keep in touch with the loved ones. A big thank you to the technology that has made the world come closer and has let everyone stay in touch without distances being a gripe. Why not wish them a happy New Year 2018 with some beautiful messages? Hope you like these!

Wish a happy 2018 to your friends!

Cheers to the new year and cheers to the new moments of our friendship we’ll make this 2018! Wish you a very happy new year 2018!

2017 was a lot of learning, let 2018 become their implementation. Wish you a happy, joyous and the best year ahead! Happy New Year – 2018!

The time has come again where we will write 2017 in your notebooks, remember ‘Oh! Its 2018’ strike it off and welcome the new year. One of the best school days memories! A very happy new year 2018!

For Partner!

2017 was an amazing year with you. 2018 will be even super with more memories that we’ll make. All I promise to my new year resolutions is to keep you happy and love you more and more each day!

Let’s learn from the bad memories we had in 2017, cherish the happy memories we made in 2017 and make this relationship the best one in 2018.

Today we will fill up the first page of the new 365-page notebook. Let’s start making it the most beautiful notebook we’ve ever had! Wish you a very happy new year 2018 sweetheart!

For Family!

Dear child, I wish you all the success in your life. Hope you have a great year ahead. All my wishes and blessing are with you. Have a grand and the happiest 2018 ahead. All the best.

This new year, all I wish you is happiness, luck and success. Be a better yourself, you will still fall, but I will pray the God to give you enough strength that you get up, learn and keep walking on the path of success. A very happy new year 2018.


Written by: Preirna Prachi!



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