Learning the Skills of Self-Actualisation

Today’s world overloads a huge competition. We all focus on competing with our mates and fail to follow our own path of psychological and personal greatness. Every person has a distinct capability and comparison with other people shall bring no productivity.  Rather than the spirit of competitiveness with others in the society, it is important to accept who you are and determine what you aim for. This recognition of oneself is possible only through the theory of self-actualisation.

What is self-actualisation?

Self-actualisation is all about accepting your true self and realising what you actually are. It is a significant term in our lives when it comes to fulfilling our dreams and achieving success. Until unless you’ve accepted your own self, it is rather difficult to progress to the destination you want to meet.

Let find out the steps one should follow to attain self-actualisation

Avoid comparing yourself with others

We often compare ourselves to others concerning our skills, accomplishments, and likewise the daily habits. It is, in fact, one of the easiest ways to measure what we’ve been doing. The self-actualization concept claims to measure yourself with different alternatives you could have taken up rather than equating it with the success of others. For example, a student who completed his graduation and took up a job should compare his success considering the alternatives of not pursuing further studies or not taking up a different job. There is no comparison between him and his friend who pursued further studies and took up a job then. It has nothing to do with others and what solely matters is the level of your progress and accomplishments.

Accept yourself

We all beget different weaknesses and strengths already. One should embrace all of them and accept the positive as well as the negative part of ourselves. We must support our personality exactly the way it is. This realisation leads to self-actualisation, which on acceptance will result in sure shot success.

Never stop

Once you get into self-actualization, you will realise that your journey does not have an end. There is no end to growth or being a professional. There is always something to learn and comprehend in life to become a better person. Self-actualisation lets you accept things and move to the next step of the success turning yourself into a better you. It takes us to the highest level of personal development.

While you never stop, one should remember the following steps while moving on in life:

  • Live your experiences you’ve had in life

Every moment is an experience of life. It may be a good or a bad one. Good ones turn out to be amazing memories in future and the bad ones into learning lessons. Self-actualisation helps us accept the true experience of life vividly, selflessly and happily.

  • Make choices with honesty

Be honest about your choices. At every step of life, we have to make decisions. Be sure about your choice and stay truthful to it, for this builds the right way of self-actualisation in a person.

  • Give shape to yourself

One is happy when he is surrounded and supported by others. This may be either your family, friends or anyone who supports you even in the minutest sense. However, consider yourself away from others and realise what you actually are. This is a way of self-actualisation wherein you determine your true self, shape yourself to something unique and understand what you actually are.

  • Speak up and take responsibility for your actions

You should have the strength to show up your likes and dislikes. Speak up in favour of your choices or even if someone’s actions are undesirable to you. Also, take the responsibility of your actions on your own self. A genuine and honest nature of a person leads to self-actualisation and leading to the goals you have set. This is because you have enough courage to favour and be confident about your goals.

  • Avoid the ego defence mechanisms

We tend to put the fault on our allies or at anyone related to the task. This is because if the blame is on us, we shall feel devalued. If you are angry or frustrated, you again put imputes on a person being the reason for your frustration. Learning to react in a manner that is precisely opposite to what I discussed here is the attainment of self-actualization.

About Preirna Prachi

Preirna Prachi is a passionate writer. Mad about her dream to be an entrepreneur very soon, she looks forward to raising her own firm. Ever-ready to tap her feet on the floor, she loves partying. She is a table tennis enthusiast. She is a coffee person and loves spending time with her family and friends. You can contact her for writing assignments or Guest blogging through our contact form.


  1. I can totally see where you are coming from with this article. Especially the part of not comparing ourselves to others all the time. This is difficult for a lot of people, because it is in some way what the educational system indirectly promotes. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. Love this post! Great advice. I try to live honest and just accept who I am – all parts of me! I try to be honest about my mistakes and rather point them out myself ( in my blog 🙂 instead of waiting for others to do so! We are all humans – we all a´have mistakes in our past – we just have to lear from them. Also like what you say about not compare to others! I try to be the best version of myself – not somebody else 🙂

  3. Hi, great points we should learn to love ourselves but yet aim to improve this at the same time. We are all unique and should not always compare ourselves to others.

  4. This is an awesome article – thank you for the insight it has given me! I didn’t put much stock into self-actualization but I’m now putting more thought into it. I didn’t put much thought into where I came from when I was born but I’ll be journaling about it soon, I believe.

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